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Africa: Opportunities to seize on a continent on the rise

N° 243, February 2014

Based on Success in Africa: CEO Insights from a Continent on the Rise by Jonathan Berman (Bibliomotion, September 2013).

Innovation: Is China Taking the Lead in World Innovation?

N° 219, September 2011

Based on Chinnovation by Yinglan Tan (Wiley, April 2011) and an interview with Mark Kuo, venture capitalist, Gobi Partners, August 2011.

Silicon Valley = Networks + Talent + Quick Reflexes

N° 206, May 2009

Silicon Valley is the world’s most prolific producer of new ideas, and it has built lasting success on three pillars: strong business networks, worldwide talent, and quick reflexes. Based on sources including, What Makes Silicon Valley Tick? by Tapan Munroe (Nova Vista Publishing, May 2009).

Emerging Giants: Companies That are Challenging Western Business Dominance

N° 176, July-August 2007

Some emerging companies achieve world-class status. What are the secrets behind this incredible success? What strategies have they adopted to consolidate their market positions and ensure continual development? Based on the book by Antoine van Agtmael, "The Emerging Markets Century" (Free Press, 2007), and the interview with Horacio Forjaz, executive vice-president of corporate communications, Embraer, Brazil, and Tulsi Tanti, chairman and managing director of Suzlon Energy, India.

Winning Strategies of Emerging Giants

N° 176, July-August 2007

What are the reasons behind the considerable success of emerging markets companies? Based on “Emerging Giants: Building World-Class Companies in Developing Countries” by Tarun Khanna and Krishna G. Palepu, Harvard Business Review, October 2006, and on an interview with Güler Sabanci, chairperson of Sabanci Holding (Turkey).

Is Brazil Living up to its Promise?

N° 176, July-August 2007

Is Brazil going to play a major role in the world economy? Based on an article by Mehdi Ramdani, Business Digest, July 2007, and an interview with Philippe Pommez, international vice-president, Natura (Brazil).

Japanese Management: Halfway between tradition and globalization

N° 155, September 2005

Although the globalization of business implies coherent managerial practices, national cultural specificities nevertheless call for tailoring, taking for example the Japanese evolution in management. Based on The Embedded Corporation, by Sanford M. Jacoby, Princeton University Press, 2005, and the interviews with Kimio Kase, professor of management at IESE, University of Navarre (Spain), and Thierry Moulonguet, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Renault.

References : 7