Experience: the new heart of value creation

Value creation is no longer about having a technological advantage or how much you spend on marketing. It’s about the quality of the experiences that a company gives its customers, employees and all its stakeholders. From Airbnb to PSA to P&G, many leaders are transforming the way they design their offers and manage their teams….


Creating an exceptional customer experience

The act of purchasing is only the final – albeit crucial – step in a long process of interactions between a customer and a brand. Although the vast majority of businesses now understand the importance of “customer experience” for expanding sales, many firms are still struggling to integrate the approach fully into their operations. The…


What does it mean to be “customer oriented”?

The best marketing executives combine several qualities. They know how to listen to their customers and teams. They are focused on results. They aim to inspire people rather than trying to sell their product. And they trust their own intuition when it comes to devising the innovations of tomorrow. What are your own natural tendencies?…


The incredible success of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing, which involves attracting customers by offering them high-value content, is on the rise. The approach, which started to be popularized in 2010 by the U.S. software company Hubspot, is two to three times more effective than traditional marketing campaigns. Is inbound marketing a step forward in the search for new customers or a…


How to keep your customers hooked

Customers who cannot live without your service or product and who extol its merits may be a dream for many firms, but it is already the reality for Apple, Amazon, Ikea and Facebook. According to Nir Eyal, much of the seductive power of these marketing champions rests in their ability to influence the habits of…


How to win customer trust

Zappos, Apple, and Best Buy share a common feature: consumer trust is their key competitive advantage. Why is the ability to generate trust a new asset for companies? What are the characteristics of firms that are really trusted? In a world that is highly inter-connected, the levels of integrity and trust expected of others have…


“Double jeopardy”: how the market penalizes the poorest

Based on an interview with Frédéric Dalsace, his presentation at the “How can companies contribute to the challenge of sustainable development?” conference held at HEC Paris on June 21, 2012 and the article “Les pénalités de pauvreté en France: comment le marché aggrave la situation des populations pauvres” by Frédéric Dalsace, Charles-Edouard Vincent, Jacques Berger…


Word of mouth on the Internet: Being aware of message distortion

Based on an interview with Kristine De Valck, assistant professor of marketing at HEC Paris, research@HEC no 27, June-July 2012. Kristine De Valck and her co-authors analyze an electronic marketing campaign designed to promote a specific cell phone model among bloggers. They show that, unlike conventional marketing campaigns, on blogs the message can be distorted…


Why shoppers choose products from the center of displays

Based on an interview with Selin Atalay, assistant professor of marketing at HEC Paris, research@HEC no 27, June-July 2012. Previous research has established that consumers are more likely to pick articles located in the center of supermarket shelves than those on the sides. Selin Atalay, Onur Bodur, and Dina Rasolofoarison explore the underlying mechanisms of…


Mobile Revolution: New consumer patterns, new opportunities!

By the end of 2011, 6 billion people were mobile subscribers, or an incredible 87% of the world population versus just 5% 15 years ago. This global, en masse adoption of mobile is not without consequences for marketing and CRM. Going forward, how can companies best leverage the marketing possibilities of the mobile channel? Before…